Not only traditional Pardubice gingerbread, excellent beer is now brewed in Pardubice (Czech republic)

10.11.2020 In November, we completed the delivery and installation of the brewery in the U Vojtěchů restaurant in Pardubice. It is a mini brewery with a brewhouse 500 l with steam heating, fermenters and lager fermenters with a volume of 1000 l and 500 l. We supplied the brewery completely, including all accessories such as gas steam boiler, mobile CIP station, barrel washer machine, hot water tank water with steam heating, a complete cooling system with a main glycol tank for cooling distribution of fermenters and lager fermenters.

We are increasing the capacity of the Chmelnice Brewery. (Czech Republic)

29.9.2020 We installed storage and tapping tanks with a volume of 500 l in the Chmelnice Brewery in Napajedla town. Due to the limited space of this picturesque hotel with brewery and wellness, and the growing demand of beer from the Chmelnice Brewery, we installed tanks in new separated cooling box, which we connected with stainless steel pipes with the old brewery, which we installed in 2017.

Is a new industrial brewery by the Tatry mountain (Slovakia)

12.8.2020 We delivered and installed Fermenters with a volume of 4000 l and 2000 l, a 4000 l tank of glycol water with complete cooling system and control panel, a hot water tank with a volume of 4000 l with steam heating, a gas steam boiler with a capacity of 350 kg of steam per hour. We also supplied a stationary CIP station with a volume of 2x500 l, an automated barrel washer machine, an automated bottle filler and a high-capacity labeling machine.

More beer for Hejkal Mini Brewery (Czech Republic)

17.7.2020 In the Hejkal Brewery in Nové Město na Moravě (CZ), we increased the capacity of the lager cellar and installed two fermenters with a volume of 2000 l. We installed the tanks in the existing cooling system of the brewery, which we delivered here in 2018.

"Hostinec" pub in Košice (SK) town has new Mini Brewery (Slovakia)

21.4.2020 The Hostinec Brewery in Košice has undergone a complete reconstruction. We supplied new complete technology of Mini Brewery to the unusual premises of the oldest pub in Slovakia. The dominant feature is a copper Brewhouse with a volume of 1000 l with steam heating. We delivered the brewery completely, including all producing accessories.

"Baník" beer is drunk in Handlova town (Slovakia)

28.7.2019 A small industrial mini brewery in Handlová, which we installed in the summer of 2019. Stainless steel 1000 l brewery with steam heating. The stock consists of fermenters with a volume of 2000 l and 1000 l. We delivered the brewery completely, including all accessories.